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One of the most pleasant things that can be best things to do in san diego is a visit to Cabrillo National Monument, which is located at the end of the Point Loma peninsula. The monument commemorates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's landing at the Point Ballast in San Diego Bay in 1542. He is the first European to land today California. The monument is a must visit, but the park has more to offer besides the monument. Love Water Pooling? The tide pool at Cabrillo's National Monument is some of the best in San Diego. Visit in winter, when you get negative ups and downs during the day, to wake up close and private with lots of marine life. This area is also good for observing birds.Also in winter, you may be able to spot the Pacific gray whales on their migration of the Arctic waters to Baja California. Although the month of January is the monitoring time of advanced whales, you can see them at any time from late December to the end of February.

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